About Sally

Professional background

  • Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy – The Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney
  • BA in Communications (Public Relations and Psychology) – Charles Sturt University, Bathurst
  • Member of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW (CAPA)
  • 10 years as a professional actress
  • Director/facilitator of presentation skills workshops – The Maura Fay Group

As part of my training, I have counselled many clients at the Jansen Newman Institute Community Clinic and at the Matthew Talbot Ozanam Centre, where I have worked with some of Sydney’s homeless men, many of whom suffer with serious mental illness.

My previous career as a professional actress gives me an understanding of what it is to live in the public eye. Sometimes the conflict between your public persona and your private self is challenging. The scrutiny of being creative and successful can make you feel like you’re living several lives. I’m in a unique position to help you find balance, cope with pressure, and find a greater sense of self-awareness and joy.


Personal background

As someone who has studied the way human emotion works, I know that one of my greatest qualifications as a counsellor is my own life experience. And I’ve had a lot of it.

Over the past few decades, I’ve been married, separated, divorced, and ultimately, remarried. I brought up two daughters as a single mother, and I have two step-children. Within my own family, I’ve helped the people I love most in the world through depression, Bipolar Disorder, anxiety, grief, the loss of a parent, eating disorders, and career change.

It is always a privilege to be trusted with someone else’s story. My work is to honour that trust and help you find the life you want and deserve.


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