At certain times in life we all struggle to understand, cope, and be our best selves. Sometimes well meaning family and friends offer conflicting advice. Sometimes there seems no one to turn to at all.

When you are in real emotional pain, confusion or stress, it can be a very lonely place. You need someone professionally trained to listen and keep you afloat.

If your thoughts and feelings are leaving you depressed, anxious, grieving, or confused, if you are experiencing a difficult relationship or a big life decision, or if past experiences are sabotaging your life now, then therapy can help.

Therapy offers you the chance to address any issue in a safe, supportive, respectful and completely confidential way.

Quite simply, we talk and together we explore your concerns. Our relationship will always be based on empathy and trust, never on judgment. It is a process that leads you to greater self-awareness and a stronger, calmer, more resilient way of being.


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